Don’t take our word for how well CitruSolution works. We invite you to check out what our customers think, and see for yourself why we are the best carpet cleaning solution in Decatur!

I’m going to try NOT to sound like an infomercial. I met Jamie McDonald when he joined the Emory team. What a great addition to our team! Jamie has a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm. He’s also very professional and funny. I was facing a big move and needed to replace the old carpet in the basement. The carpet was in good condition but it was badly stained. There was grease from exercise equipment, coffee stains (which a throw rug covered up), and other unidentified stains I don’t really like to think about.My husband and I decided to replace the carpet or provide an “allowance” to the new owners but our realtor suggested we may need to replace it before we showed the house. I explained this to Jamie and he Jamie gave me (no charge) a bottle (an entire bottle!) of his solution to try on spots. I went home and tried it. It worked. Stains from years disappeared in seconds.

I was hooked. And it smelled like citrus (shocking). It’s all natural but it works (sorry, but a lot of “natural” products just don’t do the job). I scheduled Jamie to come to the new house to clean two area rugs and to the old house to clean 3 rooms in the basement that have tan, berber carpet. One of the rooms had a lot of stains (it was a work out room). I watched Jamie in action and all I can say is that as I watched my mouth was open in amazement. I just couldn’t believe how quickly and how well he cleaned the carpets. Oh, and no soap. Just his spray and a machine to clean then he vacuums. Plus, the entire basement smelled a little like oranges. The price is set; no extra charges! So much more affordable than replacing 3 rooms of carpet! Thanks Jamie!”

-Susan Morley

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There are many reasons why our community trusts us to come into their homes, businesses, and churches to clean their carpets. Our excellent customer service, no-hassle pricing, and quality products are a few that come to mind. But the best reason is that we get results.

Pet stains, wine spills, even grease stains disappear after being treated with CitruSolution. Our exclusive citrus formula breaks them all down into nothing and leaves your carpet looking (and smelling) better than ever before. This isn’t some “as seen on TV” hoax either. Hundreds of homeowners and businesses around Decatur have seen the evidence of our remarkable professional carpet cleaning prowess first-hand, and have even allowed us to feature their before/after pictures and testimonials here on this website. The proof is in the citrus!