CitruSolution Decatur is a professional carpet cleaning team that transforms the appearance and air quality of your home. Our natural citrus-based cleaning solution effectively removes pollutants, stains, and soiled, high-traffic areas without soaking your carpets or leaving a residue that makes dirty spots reappear.

At Citru, we are working hard to change the carpet cleaning process into a service that actually works. We’re not satisfied unless you are impressed as much by our customer service as our effectiveness against stains. We don’t sneak in extra fees or charge for unneeded services, because we believe that doing good business means treating people right.

Our team delivers a faster, cleaner, and better carpet cleaning service, and we provide it with honest pricing and no pressure. Our carpet cleaning technicians use environmentally-healthy products to brush out and absorb the dirt in your carpet, and finish with a dry vacuum so that you can get back into your clean space right away.

The Citru Method Delivers Powerful Results

Don’t take our word for it. Our results gallery and carpet cleaning testimonials tell you just how well our process works against the most stubborn carpet stains.

Minimal Moisture Means Fast-Drying

Unlike traditional carpet cleaners, we don’t drag hoses through your home or leave you with soggy or stinky carpets. CitruSolution dries quickly, and doesn’t leave a soapy film after cleaning.

We are Good to Our Environment

The CitruSolution cleanser is safe for your family and your pets to breathe in and walk on. Our natural solution doesn’t pollute the environment, so you don’t have to worry about soaking your carpets in harmful chemicals.

Our Quote is the Price You Pay

We give our customers exactimates, not estimates. The price we quote is the price we charge, with no hidden costs.


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