Why is CitruSolution the best choice for carpet cleaning in Decatur, GA?

CitruSolution offers a healthy, effective, and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning service that you won’t find from any other carpet cleaner. Our cleanser contains an antimicrobial to relieve allergies, fight mildew, and reduce the residue left by dust mites. Competing carpet cleaning companies use soap, water, and chemicals that soak your carpets and attract mildew and dirt. We don’t charge extra for tough spots or hidden expenses.

How much do you charge for carpet cleaning?

We price our services competitively so that anyone can get the best carpet cleaning services. Our prices are guaranteed, so what we quote you is the same as what you charge. Our price always includes a full and complete carpet cleaning, stains and all.

Why is CitruSolution best for getting rid of pet stains?

Beyond removing stains and smelling good, our antimicrobial cleaning solution also removes 99% of bacteria and germs. If your pet soils the carpet between cleanings, skip the soapy spot cleaners that may make things worse. Apply a 50:50 solution of white vinegar and water, let it dry, and apply our CitruSpotter Stain Remover. We provide our customers with stain remover free with every cleaning.

What about carpet cleaning is good for my family’s health?

Dust mites and their allergens can have negative effects on everyone in your family, including children, adults, and the elderly. Dust mites are arachnids, like spiders and ticks, and although we can’t help living with them, we can reduce their effects. Vacuum regularly and have your carpet cleaned to discourage the onset of allergic or asthmatic reactions.

EPA studies show that air pollution is 200-500% worse indoors than outdoors, and most Americans spend about 90% of their time inside. Dust mites often live in the carpeting, so with every step, pollutants fly into the air. Pollutants remain airborne for an hour, so what’s in your carpet can end up in your lungs.

How do I make my home healthier?

Make sure to vacuum often. Not only are you removing live and dead dust mites, you are depriving them of their main food source, dead skin particles. Dust mites survive in 50% humidity and thrive in 70% humidity, so keep humidity below the highest levels to improve respiratory wellness.

Do you move my furniture off of my carpets?

We are carpet cleaners, not movers. We ask that you move furniture to an area that won’t be getting the Citru treatment, but we’re happy to help if there is an item that you can’t budge on your own. The CitruSolution process involves three steps, and moving your belongings would keep us in your home for much longer than most customers would prefer!

Should I use Scotchguard?

In our customers’ experience, Scotchguard tends to be pricier than it is effective. The CitruSpotter Stain Remover we provide for free will help with accidents that happen between cleanings.

Can CitruSolution regularly clean condominiums and apartment buildings?

Yes! Our team has the customer service, knowledge, and equipment to clean for condo associations and rental communities of all sizes. We also clean the carpet and upholstery in commercial spaces, offices, clubhouses, and schools. Clean carpets are vital to everyone’s health, so we deliver anywhere!

Why are old spots on my carpet reappearing, even after they’ve been scrubbed away?

A few things could be happening here. Popular carpet sprays leave a sticky residue that actually attracts dirt to old problem areas. Switch to a 1:1 solution of white vinegar and water, and apply our free CitruSpotter Stain Remover when the area is dry. Another cause could be traditional carpet cleaners. Steam cleaning uses extra soap to remove stains, which fades the spot temporarily but clings to dirt over time. We recommend that you have our CitruSolution team come out twice a year, and we’ll bring you our spot remover every time!

How do I keep my carpet as fresh and spotless as possible?

Since kids and pets have minds of their own, we recommend regular vacuuming, which removes the abrasive debris that wears out your carpeting. Avoid soapy cleansers and traditional steam cleaning that can make spots worse, and trust our team to do the best (and most honest) job around!

How do I receive a carpet cleaning exactimate?

Easy! Just give us a call at (678) 817-2244 and we’ll set it all up as quickly as we can.