Jamie McDonald, Owner of CitruSolution Decatur

Jamie McDonald, CitruSolution DecaturFor Jamie, it’s not about the carpets, but about meeting and helping people. He considers himself a great listener, and on more than one occasion he’s found himself helping older customers move furniture, or sweeping their kitchen for them when they aren’t looking.

Jamie has a sense of responsibility in his work and a commitment to helping create the cleanest space possible for his clients. He doesn’t wake up to make a dollar, but to provide a service at a level no one else can. The rest sorts itself out.

Greater in Decatur

Jamie lives and serves in Decatur because he loves the feel of the neighborhood. He identifies with Decatur’s tight knit, socially and environmentally responsible residents, and he appreciates that his neighbors are interested in cultivating a cohesive community of “Decaturites.”

Jamie is involved in a local movement to form a community called LaVista Hills, which has a concept resembling that of neighborhoods like Sandy Springs and Johns Creek. He looks forward to joining a new Chamber of Commerce, and takes pleasure in supporting the development of the community right from the start.

Deep Diver to Deep Cleaner

After graduating from Pope High School in Marietta, Jamie joined the submarine service division of the Navy as an electronics technician and diver. As a child, he’d been terrified of the ocean, and he joined the Navy to dismantle that fear.

Naval-trained deep water divers provide external security for submarines, and after receiving the world’s best diving training, Jamie considered serving the Department of Defense. Instead, he chose to go back to college, and completed a Bachelor of Business degree with a focus on entrepreneurship.

Growing Atlanta Small Businesses

Jamie has already founded one successful and growing company in Atlanta, called Reliable Commercial Installers (RCI). He and his team set up 36- to 42-foot high rows of pallet racks and shelving in factories all over the area. The job requires a lot of logistics, forklifts, and hard work, but most of all, it requires teamwork. Jamie has used his Naval experience to create a working environment in which employees rely on each other to do their jobs well and with the appropriate timing.

Many of Jamie’s customers will only work with the RCI team, because they know from experience that his team finishes projects at a superior speed of workmanship. Often clients will comment that they wished their employees worked so hard, and for Jamie, it’s a great compliment. His vision is to run a team that works hard, works well, and has strong pride in a job well done.

Efficiency without compromising quality is what Jamie loves about RCI as well as CitruSolution, and he’s passionate about bringing that value to customers. Jamie believes that doing good work is inspiring, and can be inspiring to others, too.

Giving Back

Jamie has type 1 diabetes, and his wife has multiple sclerosis, and he credits her for teaching him to manage his illness through diet.

He looks forward to getting involved at Camp Kudzu in Atlanta, a fun place for kids that helps them learn how to manage their diabetes. He wants to give back, because he relates to people’s everyday struggles directly.

Designer & Maker

Jamie is also an accomplished hobbyist furniture maker. His specialty is modern studio-style furniture, or in his words, “not the sort of thing you’d see at the Biltmore in Asheville.” All of his designs are unique, and combine different colors and woods. He uses a clear finish to best preserve the original color of the fine woods he uses. To see what we mean, check out his work!

Philosophy of Growth

As his carpet cleaning company continues to grow one happy customer at a time, Jamie hopes to hire more people. He plans to invest heavily in their growth and development, even if it means that there will be less left over for him.

“Investing back into the business to support quality of life — or investing in those who are helping take care of you — that’s what CitruSolution means to me.”



Jamie and his wife don’t have children, but with three standard collies and two cats, their hands are plenty full. Check out Jamie and his furry family: